Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ty's Junior deer hunt sucess!

Both my boys were done in the first two days of there Junior deer hunt (I will post there pictures and video soon. We are waiting to get the ok from one of the large hunting magazines to post.  Both there bucks are huge velvet bucks).  So It was Monday mid day when the text from my oldest son came to my phone.  It said "Can we  help Ty kill a deer, he is struggling a little finding a deer".  My response was we cant but I can since you have school.  The next morning me and Ty were looking at a 170 plus buck with velvet hanging off his rack.  After a short stalk we were in position to slowly look over the ridge to get the shot when a bunch of kids that were on the ridge behind us started yelling and scared the deer over the hill.  We quickly changed locations in hopes of glassing a different deer before they started laying down for the day.  With in minutes I had glassed up a nice 4x4 only minutes before he laid down.  A short stalk and a great shot with my 30-378 Weatherby by Ty and we were walking to retrieve Ty's deer that had went into some thick oaks after he was shot.  After being with in 5 feet of the deer and seeing him dead I went down the hill to video Ty walking up to his deer.  You have to watch the video to see what happened next.  You hear about all the time but you never see it on video.  Enjoy!! Congrats Ty on your great deer and awesome shooting young man.

Check out the picture from the video of what happened on retrieval.

Here is the video of Ty's awesome deer hunt.  Enjoy!!

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