Sunday, October 16, 2011

Koury Brothers Drop GIANTS!

After applying for this Junior hunt for over 4 years both boys drew it on the same year.  We are talking with numerous hunting magazines that want to have the rights to the pictures and stories, so we are not going to give much details of the hunt.  You will have to wait and see it in the magazine.  I can tell you both hunts are on film with some excellent kill shot footage on both deer along with some awesome footage of the deer leading up to the shot.
Here is a picture of there deer together.  A big thanks to Jed L. for putting both deer together in one pictures for us.  We call this picture double trouble!!
Here is a pictures of Steffen by himself along with a pictures from the video right before he shoots!
Here is Skyler with his buck and a picture from the video before his shot!
Congrats to both boys on killing great Trophy deer.  Check back to see the video of there hunts and more pictures as soon as we can release it. 

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