Thursday, September 8, 2011

The taking of "Flare" the giant Antelope.

After a month and half of watching the Antelope we named "Flare" is finally over.  Opening morning of the Antelope hunt found myself and Brian W. sneaking to where Flare was last seen that morning at daylight.  After passing the buck some where in the cedar trees we found there tracks and the walk was on.  We had additional help in glassing of Brian D., Buck B. and Todd L.  So while Brian W. and I were walking over 6.5 miles on nothing but tracks and starting to get a little tired, the crew kept moving in front of us glassing to hope to find flare before someone else did.  After a great spot by Todd L. the hunt was back on.  With other hunters also finding the buck we had to hurry and make a great stalk to finish the quest.  The rest of the story is in the pictures.  Just one last thing, my hunter Brian W. was in great shape and had a great attitude about walking for hours.  Without him being in shape we probably would of not killed. We probably walked over 7-8 miles before noon. Great job Brian.

Here are a couple pictures of Brian and  "Flare".

I almost forgot to tell you that "flare" green scored 88 7/8.  This is most likely the largest antelope ever killed in unit 3A.  The unit is not know to produce this quality of antelope.

Check out the video of the hunt of "flare" along with the kill shot.

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