Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8 for 8...2011 Early Season Deer Success!

Here is a short recap of the early season success we have had to date.  I will post video and additional pictures soon.  This is just a short recap of the 2011 early season for deer.  It is sheep time soon and we have been scouting.  Check back for additional info on the deer and sheep!!!  The hunt started with Koury Guide Service going 4 for 4 in the Junior hunt.  I do not have a picture of the buck Garrett Linn killed on this computer, I will update as soon as I get to my other computer.

Then we moved into the early season general hunt!
Dinah Esparza killed one of the bucks we had watched for a couple of years as it grew into a awesome buck.
Look at the mass on this great deer, along with a little dropper. Did I mention 4 inch eye guards that split?
Then not to be out done the rest of the Esparza Family had to step up.  Four days later and a lot of hours behind the binoculars these two fine bucks walked over the hill at 1:30 in the afternoon.
Then Sandi got her turn at the trigger.  After alot of pressure on the deer we were hunting we moved to a very remote spot in the unit.  After glassing up a buck we thought would go in the high 190's the stalk was on.  Here is the buck from the video we took before starting the stalk.
Unfortunately this buck was shot just as we were sitting up for the shot.  Congrats to the hunter! The buck was reported to score 206, these pictures due this buck no justice he is huge.
The last day of her hunt found us stalking a large 4x4 in the mid 180's.  After moving on the buck he escaped out the bottom of the draw.  While looking for him we glassed up the buck Sandi killed at 279 yards. The kill shot is awesome on this buck.
Then last but not least Lavell hunted a buck we have named HUGO!  We have also watched this buck for a couple years.

Check out the picture of Hugo and Skyler's buck together in velvet, what a sight!
Here is a picture of Hugo from last year!
And a couple from this year in velvet!
Congrats to all the hunters and a big thanks for making our 2011 early deer season a huge success!

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