Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clay Mine Legend!

Sorry for the lack of post over the last little while.  It has been very busy with Little League and now All Star little league.  The forest have been closed to entry, but the monsoons have arrived and the forests have been opened again. So now it time to kick up the pre-season scouting.

This is a bull that we had watched for years but never had a chance to kill him in his prime.  This bull was well over 400 as a straight 6x6 in his prime.  The year he was killed by Nathan Garvin he had lost a lot of bone from the previous year.  I had opted not to hunt the bull this year.  It is just a shame when you see a bull loose so much horn in one year.  Nathan did not hunt the bull early in the season either and then after the hunt got hard and the elk almost quit talking completely Nate decide to go look for the Clay Mine Bull.  Just a couple hours later he had put an arrow in the the old legend.  Congrats Nate.

Here are a couple stills from the video of the Clay Mine Bull in prior years.

Here is the Video of the Clay Mine Bull in prior years and also the year Nate Killed him.

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