Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Junior turkey hunt starts off with a BANG!!

With the opening weekend of the Junior turkey hunt over now the adults get to see if they can fool the old gobbler into coming into range.  We were hunting with some juniors this past weekend and did very well.  We killed 5 beautiful long beard (NO JAKES), in two and a half days of hunting.  There is nothing better than watching these juniors get all excited when they see that old gobbler turn the corner and start at us in a FULL STRUT.  Talking with some of the other hunters in the unit people were struggling a little for some reason.  We thought it was awesome, 4 of the 5 birds we killed were by themself or with another gobbler.  Any time you can call these birds before they hen up it is going to be good.  We did get some of the hunts on tape but not as much as we had hoped for.  We had one Junior attempt to kill a turkey with a crossbow after killing 3 with a shot gun prior to this year.
This is Kade with his very first turkey....Congrats Kade!!

This turkey is almost bigger than Kade!

Check out Tyler's 1st turkey of his young career!
Congrats Tyler on a great bird!

This is Kelsea's 3rd turkey in four years.  I know she is making the boys jealous!
After this bird fly past them out of the roost a couple clucks from dad and this bird was back putting on a show.

 Steffen with his nice long beard!
This bird almost landed on us when he flew out of the roost, bad mistake on his part!!

Tanner Rocked this big old long beard on the second morning of the the hunt!

The word has not got out to the animals yet to stay clear of Tanner, he also killed a great 4x4 Mule deer last year in the same unit.

Here is a little video of Kade's hunt

Junior hunt with a Crossbow.  After killing three turkeys in three years with a shot gun the decision was made to try a crossbow for a little while.

The Junior hunt goes for a week and then closes for two weeks while the general hunts start and then it opens back up for the last two weeks again.  This means you have not seen the end of the Junior Turkey hunt pictures for the year..  More to come soon.  A GIANT congrats to all the kids who have killed so far in the Junior Turkey hunt.  For many of them this was there first turkey.

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