Friday, July 22, 2011

Limited opp. Scout Trip -2. The Pretty vs Ugly!!

We have now found another decent bull that three weeks ago was flying solo.  Now the "knuckle head" has moved into the group with the pretty 6x6.  To me it's a no brainer but Skyler is having trouble deciding cause he like no typical type racks.  I have found another very large track a distance from these two bulls so after I fly the area real heavy hopefully I will find a no brainer so both these bulls live another day.. We will keep you updated..
Here are some pictures of the two bulls together.
Another angle!!
Here is some video of the bulls all together and a lot better look at "knuckle head"

I have also been scouting unit 3c heavy and have seen some really good bulls.  I will be posting some of the pictures and video of them real soon.  Also with the AZ draw out again "congrats to all the lucky sheep and deer hunters".

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