Friday, March 18, 2011

Highlight Time!

With the AZ draw results fast approaching its time to see what you can expect if your hunting with Koury Guide Service.  Here are some of the hunts and videos from the hunts that we have conducted in the last couple years.  We are located in the middle of big bull central,  with the extensive hours of scouting and vast knowledge of the area our hunters are blessed to witness some of the largest elk in the world. Here are some of the animals you will see in the Elk Highlight Video.  Enjoy!!

Can you say wide? Or maybe on my that does not look real "wide".
Click on the video below and witness a part of what our hunters are seeing on a daily bases.... Remember these are not all the elk we have killed in the past couple of years just some of the ones that we were lucky enough to get on video.

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