Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AZ draw results are available!!

The AZ draw for Elk and Antelope is out.  You can check to see if you drew the tag of you dreams at  Here is a little recap of some of the huge elk we have been killing.  Enjoy the Pictures.  If you have an question feel free to call or email.. Cell (928)242-0155:  Also you can click on My website link to get a little better understanding of the quality of elk you can expect when hunting with Koury Guide Service.

This elk is currently #2 in the world P&Y non-typical.  Scoring 442 6/8 gross.
This bull score just over 415 Gross.
This Bull is 408 Gross!

This bull is 403 Gross!

This Bull is just under 400 gross!
396 Gross, just shy of the 400 inch mark!

This bull is 403 gross!
The rest of these bulls are recent kills that do not score 395+ but are just awesome animals!


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