Thursday, March 24, 2011

Antelope Heaven!!

With the draw only days away lets look at what we have killed for Antelope in the past two years. We do not book lots of Antelope hunts, we try to just do a few and kill huge Antelope! We have killed 2 Antelope in the last two years, all in unit 10 and both over 85 net B&C. This is the buck Brian Killed with us the year before last. We found this buck early and babysitted it until opening day. Opening day found us hunting in the area with a couple other hunters. After out hunting the others and getting into the right position fast the buck was all ours.

Here is a different look with me and Brian.
Here is video of Brian's buck before the hunt!

This is a buck we saw on Brian's hunt that survived the hunt.  After Jed drew the tag the hunt was on,  I sent Jed and his good friend to where the buck was the previous year.  They found him and to make a long story short after missing the buck once and not killing Jed came home.  Two days later we were in the unit again and looking at this wonderful buck that scores 85 net B&C.
Here is a picture of Jed's buck with my youngest son that was on the hunt with us.

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