Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Mountain Lions might have nine lives!!

With snow on the ground and the dogs itching to go me and my two boys headed out with a good friend and his dogs in search of the allusive Mountain Lion.  After searching for more than four hours that infamous track we had been looking for had just appeared, and the dogs were hot on the trail.  Following the tracks of Mountain Lion and dogs up the canyon got the heart pumping in anticipation.  Finally catching up to the dogs there was no Mountain Lion or even a tree in sight.  The dogs were all running back and forth along a rock ledge toward the top of the canyon. Searching for any sign of the allusive animal a small cave was finally found where the cat had entered.
This was one of the most awesome sights a person could ever hope for.  We were less than four feet from an animal that could kill you in a second and were able to take some great pictures.
Not being able to tell the true size of this awesome cat we pulled all the dogs back and let it come out of the cave in hopes of running it to a tree where we could actually see the true size.  The cat ran free and the chase was on again before going up a large pine tree to get rid of those pesky dogs.
With the cat in the tree and a good look taken I decide to pass.  It was a hard decision!!  In Arizona you can only harvest one Mountain Lion per calander year and since this was only early January I was going to hold out for that big headed male.
The decision to pass on this Mountain Lion was the best decision I made early in January!!

Keep checking back for video and kill shots of this huge male!!

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