Monday, January 24, 2011

Mexico Drop Tine Buck Christmas Present!

After receiving a fully outfitted hunt in Old Mexico from his wife for Christmas, Roger was on cloud nine. Sixteen days later Roger and I were in Old Mexico trying to harvest the first Coues Whitetail of his life.  Roger was hoping to break the 100 B&C mark, I was trying to break the 115 B&C mark for him. Yes our standards were a little different.  After having Roger pass on numerous bucks over 100 B&C.  I had finally found the buck worth the wait, and one of only three Coues deer I had seen on the hoof with a drop tine.  The rest is history!!
This is buck was found from over two miles away,  we then moved in and got a closer look to make sure he was what we were looking for.
With the rut in full swing we had to wait for this buck to stop chasing five does and a smaller buck to finally get the shot we were looking for.
Rogers buck scored just over 114 B&C.

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