Tuesday, January 25, 2011

128 Inches of Adrenalin!

After hunting Old Mexico three years in a row and already killing a 120, 112, and a 108 this trip was about helping my friends kill some great bucks.  My thoughts were "seriously whats the odds of topping a 120 B&C buck".  That all changed in the first hour of the first day! Only 45 minutes into glassing I glassed a buck that looked to be around 115 B&C just as he topped over a far ridge.  Glassing for another 45 minutes we finally decided it was time to take a closer look at the buck I had seen previous.  After a short quad ride and a mile walk this is the view I had in my 15x56 Swarovski binoculars!

After being a horrible friend and completely forgetting my original game plan of  helping them kill first. For a split second I thought about letting one of them shoot this deer. Then soon coming to my senses my thoughts instantly changed to "after I kill this monster I will have the rest of the hunt to help them".  After a few adrenalin charged wild shots, I finally got it together and we were able to start the celebration!!!!
His eye guards were just over 8 inches a piece.
The final score came in at 128 5/8 Gross B&C.  Never in my life did I think I would kill another buck over the 120 B&C mark.  I guess that's why you hunt Old Mexico, you never know!!

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