Monday, August 17, 2015

3A-3C velvet deer for the week.

I checked cards this morning and here are some of the bucks that hit last week. Horn growth is taking off just in time.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

2015 Velvet Deer.

The bucks in 3A-3C are starting to put on the inches.  Our deer are always behind in growth for some reason.  Here are some bucks that could be in trouble in a week or so.  These pictures are from about a week ago. this time of the year they grow fast, there are some we did not get a picture of last week that are looking real good.  If you drew a 3A-3C archery or rifle tag call today. (928)242-0155.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 Days into the Archery elk season. Giant bulls on the ground...

Here are a couple pictures of the success so far on the archery elk season.  Michael, Bobby and Charlie have all made the best of there tags.  Congrats guys.  If you want to see updates a lot sooner friend me on Facebook under Shane Koury, I update my Facebook and Instagram a lot sooner than the blog.  Good luck to all...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Short Video's

I have been updating my Instagram and Facebook page but have been a little lazy on the blog.  Here are some of the short clips getting us ready for the up coming deer and sheep draw deadline.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Killing Giants in 3A Antelope Style!

When you talk Antelope in the State of Arizona the unit 3A is never talked about for having big Antelope.  Here are the Antelope we have killed in the last two consecutive years in the unit.
Here is the buck we named Flare mounted and on display.
Here is the hunt for the buck we named "Flare" 

Then last year I look at over 50 bucks before the hunt starts and finally find the buck we hunt opening morning.  I bed him the night before the hunt and at daylight we are on him.  After giving him a warning shot over his back we caught back up with him about 4 miles later and make a great shot.  Congrats two awesome Antelope in a unit that is not know for quality. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Josh kills his biggest elk to date!!

The last early hunt we had was fellow guide Josh E. had drawn a champ tag and was looking to kill a great bull.  This hunt is a little after the peak of the rut so the bugle action was a little slow.  After passing on numerous elk he finaly decided to put the smack dowm on this awesome 6x6.  Great job...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

KC shoots on the last day!

KC and Sunny were hunting together on a 2x1 with my guide Todd G.  KC had already killed a 400 inch elk with his bow so his sights were set high, so high that he passed on a couple of 370+ bulls just hoping to find that neddle in the hay stack.  He did have one thing in his favor, his guide Todd finds and kills huge bulls every year and after watching Sunny kill the bull he did opening morning KC could only hope.  After 6 1/2 days of hunting and a flight back out to Georgia the next afternoon KC decided to fill his tag with best friend right on his side.  Great job!!!


The big split G3 Bull.

Next on the release was Damion.  We had hunted quite a few days just waiting for the right bull to show it self.  Two days earlier he drew on a huge bull but just could not get the shot off before the walk behind his cows and decided to leave.  As dark was approaching fast we closed the distance on three bulls bugling hopeing one was the bull that had escaped us and as we meet face to face I could see we had just found the forked G3 bull that a buddie of mine had videoed in velvet and a different buddy have videoed just days prior over 5 miles away.  A well placed shot and the bull fell in sight.  Awesome shot and awesome bull Damon.

Skyler Koury's 3A-3C Big 6x7!

So one day after Steffens kills the brothers are back at it trying to fill Skylers tag.  Yes both brothers had tags, what luck.  This story is going to be combined with Steffens in The Huntin Fool.  All I am going to say is it is never good when you get the call at prime time in the morning and your child is crying saying he shot the wrong elk in the fight.  Yes most adults would do a back flip to kill his elk and he is crying cause he shot the wrong elk as two bulls fought 20 yards in front of them.  Great elk Brothers.  You make dad proud.