Sunday, December 9, 2012

Late Elk Hunt Part 1!

The AZ Late elk hunt in unit 3A-3C was a little tough.  We talked with many hunters that were struggling to see a bull period.  We looked at a lot of bulls before Jim made a 350 yard shot on this awesome bull.  This bull had a very unique extra horn on the left side of his head, check out the picture below.  You have to watch the video of Jim's hunt and the nice bull that walks up the Reservation fence and then just stands there until it got dark and then jumped the fence to our side, that's what pressure does.
Here we are ready to make the shot as soon as the bull jumps onto our side of the fence.
Here is Jim's bull when we first found him on the opposite side of the canyon.
Check out the extra horn on the left side of this bulls base.
Check out the video of Jim's hunt!

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