Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sheep and Elk!!

Thanks to the Game and Fish moving back every elk hunt in the state, now the late elk hunt and the AZ sheep hunts start a day apart.  That is a big issue if your trying to guide hunters in both hunts.  With the long weekend we got out and glassed a couple different Rocky Mountain Sheep units and also some of the elk  units we will be hunting this coming weekend.  The late elk hunts are just not as fun as the early hunts by any means! The quality goes way down and it is way colder and the biggest reason it is not as fun is they are not bugling.. Enjoy the pics and check back to see how the elk and sheep hunts went!  Good luck to all that have elk and sheep tags that start this weekend, shoot straight or shoot often what ever works better for you....

The picture of the ram that is blurry and a little farther away is a different ram than the one with the one ewe.. Some good rams and a couple smaller rams.

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