Tuesday, October 9, 2012


With a break in the hunting action I thought I had better try and get the blog caught up to a point.  Our archery and early rifle and muzzy hunts went very well with some awesome bulls being killed and once again we were 100% on all hunts.
My first archery hunter came from L.A. California and had been on 8 elk hunts prior to showing up in camp.  In all his elk hunts combined he had shot one arrow and did not have a kill under his belt.  After making him pass on lots of elk in the first couple days the moment finally came when it was time to let that arrow fly.  Glen made a great shot at 28 yards as this bull elk put on a show in the middle of a small pond.  The elk went 40 yards and fell over.  Glen yelled so loud when the elk went down that some how the elk was able to get back to his feet and walked about 10 more yards before falling to his final resting place.  I have the whole hunt on film that I will post a little later.  We are headed down south this weekend on a Junior deer hunt and then we start hunting Mule Deer with the adults in 3c so it might be a little while before I get everything caught up.

Here is Glen with his 2012 archery trophy.
Congrats Glen!!

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