Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giant 7x7 down!

After 4 days of looking under every tree and walking endless miles zig zagging through the thick draws the hunt is over.  This afternoon Russell decided to go to on the uphill side of the draw we shot the bull in and that was the break we needed.  After looking over a dirt tank dike and seeing a horn in the air Russell made a mad scramble to the tank.  Once arriving at the tank the AZ Game and Fish were there along with another older couple that had seen the bull and called it in.  After supplying numerous pictures of the bull and explaining exactly where the bull was shot in the body and location of the last blood the elk was turned over to Russell by the AZ Game and Fish game warden.

We shot this awesome bull last Friday morning at 39 yards and hit him in the left shoulder and the arrow penetrated approx 25 inches into the bulls chest cavity.  After we lost the blood trail and could no longer follow tracks due to to many elk tracks in the area it was not a happy site.  At that point Russell told me "I'm done hunting, that was my bull and I will look until I find him".  And that he did.

I would like to send out a special thanks to all those that have helped us look for this awesome elk. And also a huge kudos to Russell for never giving up and shooting another elk.  You don't hear of people like this very often, instead you hear about the guy that shoots and wounds numerous elk and just keeps hunting instead of putting all that effort into finding there elk.  A Huge CONGRATS Russell.
Here are a couple pictures from the video before we shoot him.  Look at the left third in these pictures and then look at the kill photos.  This bull fought right before we got the shot and broke his third.

Here are a couple of the kill photos! The right beam is over 60 inches!
Here is a short video clip of the bull before we harvested him.  Enjoy!

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