Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The GIANT Mule Deer we named Lucky!

Prepare to meet the Mule Deer buck we named Lucky!  We found this buck in mid August and watched him through the archery hunt and into the elk seasons.  We were very happy to see that not one archery hunter when we were present atleast ever saw or hunted this awesome deer.  We had a young girl hunter that was a perfect fit for this mule deer. We just needed for him to stick around until the junior hunt opened so we could introduce the two.  After guiding elk hunter in the same unit for 21 days straight we could not waite to get back out there and look for Lucky.  Two days before the hunt we located him again and he was still in full velvet.  Then he was gone again.  Opening morning at daylight had him laying at 385 yards from us with no velvet left and not a care in the world.  While waiting for the buck to stand up for over 30 minutes as the sun started to light him up.  We glassed down the ridge and saw some other hunters walking the in the direction of the buck and glassing back onto the ridge we were on.  The decision was made to shoot the buck laying down before the other hunters spooked him.  He was only laying about 30 yards from thick cover that if he made it into we would not be able to see him again.  The rest of the story is why we named him "Lucky".

Here is another buck I named "Lucky 2".  I watched this buck all the way through the over the counter archery hunt last year because my two kids had the Junior hunt. Then about a week before the Junior hunt he was like a ghost and fanished.  Maybe this year!

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