Sunday, July 22, 2012

3A-3C Deer Hunts!

With the draw to be out any day I thought I would expand on the potential that 3A-3C has for deer now.  It used to be a great elk  unit and now with all the number of tags the elk have taken a hit, but the deer are going to be on the up swing.  The unit has been changed to an alternative management unit so the age class of deer should get better this year and the years to come.  Since the big fire in 2002 the buck brush is every where in the unit.  The unit was just getting real good and then the Game and Fish opened it to over the counter archery tags and you could hardly move in the unit with out running into other hunters.  Now were back to a draw for all the hunts and the tags have been cut way back for this year, it is going to be good this year and just getting better for the years to come.  We spend alot of time in the unit glassing deer and elk starting in July and all the way through the hunts.  We have seen some awesome looking deer in the unit, some we have been able to harvest and others are still alive and getting bigger.  Here are pictures of the deer we were able to harvest in 2011 only.

Here are a couple from the prior year of the Junior Hunt!

Now a couple that are still getting bigger and smarter.

I will post some more live pics tomorrow that I have on my work computer.

If you draw one of these good tags give us a call and maybe your picture will be with the next big buck we kill.

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