Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kaibab beauty!!

While hunting with my wife and boys on the the East side Kaibab early hunt this year, we saw numerous good bucks and one really awesome buck.  We glassed this buck up from about 1800 yards away with five other bucks.  Once I quit taking video of the buck the hunt was on.  We had to cross a large canyon then we would have an approx 300 yard shot at this awesome buck.  Long story short this buck was shot seconds before we were pulling the trigger by another hunter.  I told her "Thats a chance you take while hunting public land", she informed me that was easy for me to say since it was not my tag and then "smiled".  Many of you probably saw the kill photos of this awesome deer.  The funny thing is I had a kill photo sent to my phone with in 24 hours of watching him get shot.  Everything I saw about the deer they were saying he scored a little over 200 B&C.  Congrats to the hunter.
Here are a couple still photos.
Here is a short video clip of the buck. 

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