Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rogers Second Mexico Buck Over 110 B&C!

After hunting Old Mexico for the first time in his life he was hooked.  When Roger entered Old Mexico for the second time the stakes were higher.  While hunting hard for three days we had not seen a buck that we wanted to harvest.  After talking to some of the cowboys on our ranch we decided to hunt a part of the ranch that had not been hunted in years.  The next morning found us following the directions of the cowboy with his broken English and my poor Spanish we were a little lost.  Around 8:30 am I had found around 10 does on the same ridge we were on, after watching them walk away the most awesome sight ever stepped around a tree and looked right at us.  It was the most awesome buck ever this buck had it all, width, length, mass, over 5 points per side along with a 8 inch drop tine on the left side.  After this buck started to run we did not push on the buck since we had 4 more days to hunt the buck.  After returning to the ranch and talking to the cowboys it was an awful feeling.... This buck was not on our ranch!! Two days later I could finally glass again since I had been crying for two days and unable to glass (Just Joking, that is how I felt),  I had found a great buck on our ranch.  After shooting at a Mountain Lion in the morning this buck was in Rogers sights the same evening.  One well placed shot and Roger had just killed his second buck over 110 B&C.

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