Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Archery hunting the 7x9 Kicker Bull!

I found this bull only days before the archery hunt was to start.  This made life a little easier since I did not have to baby sit this bull for very long before we could start hunting him.  My archery hunter and I decided this was the only bull we would attempt to kill.  Opening morning had us very close to the giant just no shot, this was the first time my hunter had seen this bull on the hoof.  After that we was even more determined to kill this bull.  Through out the week he heard me say "don't shoot" about 45 times on different elk in search of the kicker bull.  On day 5 we finally closed the distance and actually shot our first arrow, just a little high.  The very next morning found the bull on the opposite ridge and heading our way! Enjoy.  Here is a picture from the video of the kicker bull.

Here is the video of some of the hunt as we attempt to harvest the KICKER BULL!

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