Wednesday, January 9, 2013

With only 48 Hrs left in 2012 Archery Deer Hunt!

With only a couple days left in the 2012 over the counter archery deer hunt, I received a call from Andrew to see if we could try to harvest a deer in a couple days. Me and my oldest son Steffen met Andrew down there and started the two day quest. Day one was a little slow but day two was awesome. After passing on two small whitetails that thought they were way bigger than they were. Steffen looked over at me while watching the coues deer bucks and said "that tree has to hurt that deers head cause his horns are not big enough to protect his head from that tree as he attacks it. Next we made a move that proved to be a great move, within minutes Steffen said "I have deer". On one ridge we had three bucks and six does that were in full rut, what a sight it was. We watched the two bigger bucks rake trees and posture at each other along with lip curling every doe on the hill. Finally one buck chased the other off and he went and laid down, the hunt was now on. After a short stalk with Steffen lineing us up straight below the bedded buck we were within 47 yards of the bedded buck. The wind made a quick circle and gave the deer that little sniff he needed to let him know we were there and he left in the only direction we did not have a shot. Now we are hunting Mountain Lions and Javelina. Good luck to all in the up coming Javelina hunts.

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