Friday, April 20, 2012

Junior Turkey Opening Morning!

One of my older sons friends asked if he got draw for some tags would I help him?  That was a no brainer for me, I love hunting with kids they are awesome. The excitement level started after not drawing Javelina, but drawing a Junior Turkey tag.  This was going to be his very first big game animal so he got first shot in front of my kids.  After locating this bird last night we snuck in this morning and set up waiting for daylight as the bird gobbled and gobbled and gobbled.  Finally after some light hen clucks he pitched from the tree and almost landed in our lap.  Before I could get the camera going the hunt was over with one a well placed shot.  I will post more pictures later this weekend since we still have two tags to go.  All of this and they still made it back to school on time so they could play in there baseball game tonight.

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