Monday, January 9, 2012

Mexico Bighorn Sheep Down!

This is a friend that I have known for a long time and is an avid hunter.  This is a brief comment about the hunt that came in the email to me "I harvested this nice critter just across the border in Mexico last week on the 9th day of a 10 day hunt.  It was very grueling on the eyes and legs! J  I brought my bow down with great expectations but after few sheep were spotted for 5 days it was decided to use one of their weapons in camp and on day 9 I was able to sneak to within 90 yards and put my 1st sheep in the books.
He’s classic for this area and about average in size at 161” B&C.  They had so much rain in Nov and December that food was all over and had most of the sheep very high and in little hide-e-holes.  We had to climb significantly and search to get to them!  I was the lucky one who spotted this ram after glassing back to a canyon we had just glassed.  It made for a cool end of the hunt!"

Awesome Job Kevin!!  A huge congrats on a beautiful sheep.  Got to love those Mexico red horns.

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